Indian nations that sell tax free cigarettes

Here is a comprehensive list of Soverign Indian Nations that currently sell tax free cigarettes.

Retailers Located on Native American Reservations
Top Symbol
Allegany Indian Reservation (Seneca): Peace Pipe Tobacco, Ron’s Smoke Shop, Smokemcheap, Three Sisters Enterprises.
Cattaraugus Indian Reservation (Seneca): Lone Oak Cigarettes, Seneca Smokes, Two Way Smoke Shop
Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation: Warpath Smokeshop
Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation: Cherokee Buyers Club
Isleta Indian Reservation: Smoke Stix
Omaha Reservation: Tobacco Row Processing Company
Paiute Tribe: The Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Smoke Shop
Pojoaque Pueblo: American Spirit
Poospatuck Reservation: Cheap Cigs R Us, Smoker’s Den Discount Cigarettes
Mohawk Nation Territory: Native American Trading Company
Winnebago Tribe: All
Wyandotte Tribe: Ranch Resort Smoke Shop

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